Expert Witness Testimony – Criminal Case

I hired SSDI on behalf of a client who had been charged with indecency with a Child. SSDI went to the alleged scene of the crime to look for any physical evidence that would support the allegations against my client. From the initial sweep with an ultra-violet light to the comprehensive semen detection testing, SSDI did all the things the detectives on the case should have done for the prosecution. SSDI provided an excellent report regarding their procedures and their findings. Ultimately, the report served as the basis of SSDI’s testimony at my client’s jury trial. He was easily qualified before the Court as an expert and neither his credentials nor his report was seriously challenged. My client was acquitted after a brief jury deliberation. The jurors discussed the case with me after the verdict. The jurors agreed that they were very impressed with the work SSDI did on the case. They cited the work and testimony of SSDI as one of the primary reasons they returned a verdict of “Not Guilty.” My client and I could not be happier with SSDI. I plan to use them again in cases like this one because they give me and my clients the advantage we need for trial.

Attorney D.P. from Denton Texas