Infidelity testing

The Facts

Take control of you situation and gain the knowledge you need to move forward, Whether it’s about resolving doubts related to infidelity or gaining insights into other important matters, our dedicated testing services are crafted to guide you through these challenging time to provide you with the facts you need.
Infidelity testing

Your Path
To a Peace
of Mind

Infidelity Testing is not about making accusations or assumptions. It’s about gaining objective insights into a sensitive situation. Whether you’re seeking answers for your peace of mind or to make informed decisions about your relationship, our testing services can provide the clarity you need.
Infidelity testing

The Truth

We understand that suspicions of infidelity can be emotionally distressing and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our goal is to provide you with a discreet and reliable solution to uncover the truth and gain clarity about you relationshop.
About Us

Semen Sperm and Saliva Detection Infidelity Testing

Confirm infidelity, rape, early teen sexual activity, and child molestation.
We resolve 91.9% of all infidelity issues No other laboratory offers the combination of testing procedures included with our laboratory tests at no additional cost. Semen, Sperm, and Saliva testing is included on every sample and blood testing when warranted.

Our Services

We Provide
Confidential and Accurate Testing

Take the first step towards uncovering the truth. Order your infidelity test today and let us assist you in navigating through this challenging time. Whether it’s about resolving doubts related to infidelity or gaining insights into other important matters, our testing services are designed to provide you with factual information enabling you to move forward with renewed confidence and certainty.

Laboratory testing for on article/sample for the presence of semen, sperm, and saliva.

$240.00 – $298.00

Laboratory testing for one article for the presence of semen, sperm, and saliva via not-destructive means.

$220.00 – $319.00

Our at home test kits are designed for you to purchase so that you can perform testing on your own at home.

$39.95 – $115.00

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Laboratory Testing

Easy 3 step

  • 01. Order Your Test Choose the infidelity test that best suites your needs. Place you order online by clicking here, calling 844-441-8610, or by emailing [email protected]
  • 02. Collect The Sample Place the garment or item to be tested in a paper bag or envelope. On the outside of the paper bag or envelope, write you contact information, order number received at checkout, date you obtained the sample, and any other relevant information regarding the sample. Please DO NOT use a mailer or poly / plastic bag or wrapping around the garment, as this may cause the item to sweat and destroy the sample.
  • 03. Send It To Us Package the sample in a larger box or paper mailer and send to SSDI, 2450 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 700 Hollywood, Florida 33020.

Semen Sperm Saliva
Detection Testing

Do you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you? Found an article with a suspicious stain? Noticed a change in their behavior? Are you facing doubts about your relationship? Suspecting infidelity can be emotionally challenging, and we understand that you need answers quickly and accurately. At SSDI, we are here to support you with the most comprehensive and reliable infidelity testing services available.
Why Choose us?

Fast and Accurate Results: We know time is of the essence, and that’s why we guarantee the most accurate and conclusive testing results to help you make informed decisions swiftly.

Comprehensive Testing Procedures: Unlike any other lab, we include semen, sperm, and saliva testing on every sample, leaving no room for doubt.

Follow-up DNA Profiling: For positive identifications, we go the extra mile by offering follow-up DNA profiling to provide you with 100% confidence in your results.

Sensitive and Confidential: We understand the sensitivity of your situation and handle every case with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

Reach out to us today for a FREE quote at 844-441-8610 or email us at [email protected]. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and guide you through the testing process.

  • Confidential Your privacy is paramount to us. We assure you that your test results and personal information are treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.
  • Comprehensive We proudly provide comprehensivee laboratory testing service, providing you with the accurate and reliable results you need.
  • Timely Results We understand importance of timely results. Our streamlined processes and efficient workflows enable us to deliver your report promptly.
  • Professional Our experienced laboratory professionals are committed to delivering accurate and precise results for the test.
    Clients Say

    Customer Testimonials

    SSDI is top notch! My test results were available to me in less than 6 hoursfrom when thesample was received by SSDI and I didn’t even pay extra for expedited.

    Customer testimonial from a legal sexual assault case

    Service was exceptional, and it's clear that you have a genuine passion for what you do. The attention to detail and willingness to personalize the experience made it truly memorable..

    Patric Stone

    The work done was outstanding! The dedication and hard work put into it were evident and greatly appreciated. The level of skill and expertise demonstrated was truly impressive, and it.

    Hugo James

    The product delivered exceeded expectations! The attention to detail and commitment to quality were evident in every aspect. The level of customer service provided was also exceptional and greatly appreciated..

    Cassie Carleton
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