Semen and Sperm Tested Samples and Items


Top Ten Tested Semen and Sperm Items

Women’s Panties 69.31%
Male Underwear 9.03%
Feminine Pad 8.3%
Cloth Cuttings 5.32%
Tissue 2.09%
Pants 1.93%
Pillowcase 1.3%
Jacket 1.15%
Shorts 0.99%
Washcloth 0.57%


Hiding cell phone
Unusual work meetings
Sudden interest in going to the gym to get fit
Makes lots of bathroom trips
Partner suddenly starts dressing nicer
Takes longer to get ready
Takes showers immediately after coming home
Comes home smelling fresh from shower
Does not have time for you
Accuses you of cheating
Suddenly has new "friends"
Gut feeling
Lies about their whereabouts
Makes excuses for missing dates or planned events
Doesn't return your calls or text
Makes excuses to "run errands"
Lack of intimacy
Sudden schedule changes
Sporadic late work days (OT)
Argues when you try to look at their computer
Suddenly has password on computer and cell phone
Increase in mysterious and/or late night phone calls and texts
Phone is now on vibrate when it never was before
Separates themselves from family time or quality couple time
Phone attached to hip (won't leave the room without it)
Sex stops
Doesn't seem interested in you anymore
Stops public affection
Attempts to justify behaviors or gets defensive when asked "what are you up to?"