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The top 10 items

serology tested by SSDI










Top positive serology samples







Test outcome of the number one tested item
 - Panties-

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Thirty-one percent of all detections were positive for semen.  

Sixty-nine percent of all customers received immediate satisfaction that their worries were resolved.






Three percent of all detections were positive for Acid Phosphatase (AP) but negative for semen or sperm.  This statistic is identical to the published data that an AP test is classified as a 97% presumptive test.  

Simply stated,  there is a 3% chance that you will receive a false positive if you perform an AP test alone.

Forty-eight percent of all positive semen detection have a negative Acid Phosphatase (AP) outcome.

If you use a AP test alone there is a 48% chance that you will receive a false negative.



As a result of the outcome of a positive semen detection, twenty-seven percent of our customers ordered a follow-on DNA extraction from the tested item.  

Our positive semen detection results specify the chance of obtaining a successful DNA extraction and specifically state when a DNA extraction is not recommended.

Seventy-three percent of our semen detection customers had their answer without requiring DNA profiling.










As a result of specific recommendations when a DNA extraction should be successful, ninety-one percent of our DNA extractions produce data that can be used to determine if the DNA source matches the spouse or partner.  









As a result of comparing the profile of the tested article to a control swab of the spouse/partner or of a special sample (such as cigarette butts, beer can, etc.) of the suspected cheater, forty-six percent of all DNA profiles did not match the spouse/partner.  

Statistics from our Laboratory Semen Detections (3200+ tests).

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