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Actual Semen Detection Test Results

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  • Positive semen detection with positive PSA, AP and negative for sperm.


  • Positive semen detection with positive PSA, AP, and sperm by microscopic analysis.









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SSDI performs the most accurate and definitive semen detection test available. 

Actual panty or underwear recent report

Our positive semen detections report to extreme specifics the strength of each outcome and the time frame the intercourse took place (when panties or feminine pads are tested).  This level of detail and expertise is unparalleled by any existing semen detection company.  

This section is dedicated to demonstrating actual laboratory test results performed by our company, Semen and Sperm Detection, Inc.  Select the link in the left hand column for more information about each type of test outcome.

The majority of home semen detection test kits sold on the internet (ours is an exception) are presumptive.  This means that they cannot tell you that semen is semen, it can only indicate that the tested substance has an acid phosphatase level consistent with that normally found in semen.  This is an absolute fact which you will find is misrepresented online.  Here is an example representing twenty-two percent of our lab tests - Acid Phosphatase (AP) test negative but the semen detection is positive. Here is data published by the New England Journal of Medicine that 26% of all rape kits were AP negative but PSA positive.  Here is a link to our validation study which is consistent when compared to other validation studies and crime lab published data.

Twenty-two percent of our laboratory tests produce positive semen detection results with negative acid phosphatase results.  Three percent of our laboratory tests produce positive AP results with negative semen test results. 

Home Acid Phosphatase (AP) tests also advertise that they detect sperm as well as semen.  This is simply an untrue statement.  If you need absolute proof please discuss these issues with a scientist holding an MS or PhD in microbiology or serology.

Contrary to outright lies and misinformation on the internet, the undisputable published fact is that Acid Phosphatase (AP) tests produce false positive and negative results.  This is documented in our testing section (select reports in the left hand column) and on our statistics page.  This can also be verified by discussing this issue with any lab that performs the Acid Phosphatase (AP) and the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test.  An honest company will specify that the Acid Phosphatase (AP) test is presumptive.  Testing for the presence of acid phosphatase can be helpful in locating semen stains on clothing and for testing swabs from sexual assault cases. "A strong positive reaction generally indicates that semen is present and that further testing is warranted" as stated by this Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification report.

Government crime labs provide positive semen detection test results based upon a positive PSA test alone or based upon a visual microscope analysis for sperm heads alone but not by Acid Phosphatase (AP) alone.  For example, read the last section of this government manual from the Department of Forensic Science in Virginia.  They don't even mention the AP test in a positive semen detection because a presumptive outcome is meaningless in producing evidence for court.

Every case is different and there are many testing methods which can be discussed to save you time and money.  We provide detailed consultation on every case at no additional charge.  This includes follow-on or duplicate reports any time in the future in addition to attorney affidavits for production of documentation or testimony.  Experienced expert witness testimony is available at an additional charge available anywhere in the world.

We offer repetitive professional discounts to Forensic Experts,  Police Departments and Private Investigators as well as PSA discounts for quantity purchases.

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