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100% Confidential – Only the purchaser will have information pertaining to the test and the results.
The charges on your credit card statement appear as ‘SSDI’ for confidentiality.
Please ship the garment or item to be tested in a paper bag or envelope. On the outside of the paper bag or envelope, write your contact information and date you obtained the sample. Please DO NOT use a mailer or poly / plastic bag or wrapping around the garment, as this may cause the item to sweat and destroy the sample.
You can also phone in your order to 517-336-7734.
If paying by money order or cashiers check click here for a pdf version of our order form.
Serology testing (semen/sperm/saliva/blood/urine)
is recommended before DNA testing.  We complete 98% of
all serology tests within one business day of sample receipt.
If you require a formal legal test you must send your sample with a Chain of Custody and a Forensic Evidence Submission Form.  Please review these specific instructions (pdf download includes 3 forms that apply primarily to Government Agencies, Attorney’s, and Private Investigators expecting to produce trial evidence).  Contact for assistance.  Peace of mind customers do not need these forms.
Blood detection included on male underwear and bed linens,
free sample storage for 90 days if negative and one year if positive.