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ISO17025 Accreditation

20 June 2012

We at Semen and Sperm Detection, Inc. (SSDI) are delighted to announce that our organization is now ISO17025 forensic accredited. This is verification that after an audit conducted at our facility, we have met the challenge to ensure that our testing procedures are accurate, our data is correct, accepted, and in strict conformance to the standards set forth by ISO17025.

SSDI is the first and only stand-alone serology testing laboratory with ISO17025 accreditation in the world.


Sperm Protein

November 2011

Sperm Protein Validation

SSDI is progressing with forensic validation of the first SP10 sperm protein production cartridges. The third serial dilution extraction study is near completion for ISO17025 validation and publication.


Expert Testimony

October 2011

Found Guilty for Criminal Sexual Conduct!

SSDI provided serology testing and subsequent expert witness testimony during a sexual assault criminal trial.  The defense incontestably demonstrated the lack of forensic evidence and potential mistakes made by the government crime lab, however, the defendant was found guilty.  The polled Jury specified the verdict was attributed to the complainant testimony.  To be continued....


Sperm Protein

March 2011

Another SSDI First!

A definitive test for the presence of a  specific sperm protein is being validated. Reproducibility and sensitivity calibration is in progress for integration into standard protocols. This protein is localized throughout the sperm acrosome and can be detected when microscopic examination has failed. This breakthrough provides significant information to our customers prior to DNA profiling.


New Affiliate Program 

March 2011

SSDI initiates affiliate management program


Home Semen Detection AP Kit Debut

May 2009

SSDI completed validation of AP test strips and unveiled the least expensive home semen detection sold on the internet.


Record Laboratory Semen Detections

On May 20, 2009, SSDI completed 21 laboratory semen detections.  This is SSDI's single day record.


SSDI Makes History Again!

April 2009

SSDI has successfully proved another case by DNA extraction from panties where the semen detection was negative but the saliva detection was positive  The couple split up after DNA results proved our clients case.

SSDI is the only private laboratory that has intergraded the saliva detection as part of every semen detection test.


Private Investigator Testimonial

We have been using SSDI for years now and have not found any other Serology lab that even comes close! Their professionalism and lab work is superior to labs we have used in the past. As a private investigation firm we are only as good as the resources we can bring to our clients. SSDI has brought us and all our clients satisfaction every time we have utilized them for semen detections and DNA tests. I would highly recommend them.

TR - NY Licensed Private Investigator


Government Contract Award

August 2008
Semen and Sperm Detection, Inc. (DTC, Inc) received a 5 year government purchase order for up to 35,000 PSA kits
22,500 kits have been delivered so far)


Appreciation of Service

August  2008
 Customer recognition  for positive saliva detection and male DNA extraction (negative semen detection) performed on toddler panties in an investigation for sexual assault.  Another SSDI first!


Government Purchase Order

August 2008
 Purchase order from the Department of Public Safety for mtDNA direct sequencing of hair and blood from an ongoing murder case.  This is the first criminal case using our new mtDNA region HV1 and HV2 direct sequencing of
mitochondrial DNA


Special Government Request

August 2008
The Florida Forensic Laboratory formally requested our semen detection validation study to assist in the startup of their new DNA section.


Appreciation of Service

July  2008
 Customer recognition  from accused exonerated from case involving illicit drug use (by testing blood found in syringes).


Government Purchase Order

July 2008
 Purchase order from the MI
State Police Forensic Lab for PSA kits


Government Purchase Order

June 2008
 Purchase order from the OK State Police
for PSA kits


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