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Confirm infidelity, rape, early teen sexual activity,
and child molestation.

What Does My Lab Serology Test Include?

With over 3400 completed tests, SSDI promises the most accurate, sensitive, and comprehensive laboratory test available, within one business day of sample receipt!

Easy 3 step process:

  1. Order serology test online (click here), call 888-875-7574  by credit card, PayPal, or money order.
  2. Please ship the garment or item to be tested in a paper bag or envelope. On the outside of the paper bag or envelope, write your contact information and date you obtained the sample. Please DO NOT use a mailer or poly / plastic bag or wrapping around the garment, as this may cause the item to sweat and destroy the sample.
  3. Send sample to SSDI, 110 East Broward Blvd. Suite 1700 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 in envelope or paper bag.

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All tested samples are automatically stored for one year if positive and 90 days if negative (included with test).  Additional services such as FedEx overnight available at an additional charge.

$245 Lab Serology Detection Include:

  • Prostate specific antigen for semen
  • Microscopic sperm assessment
  • Acid Phosphatase (AP) evaluation
  • Human saliva for oral sex
  • Human blood when warranted
  • Sperm Protein (SP10) when warranted
  • Reports can be mailed, emailed, faxed, or provided by phone.
    • Report contains photo of tested item(s)
    • Report specifies the time frame of intercourse when panties or feminine pads test positive
    • Report provides relative chance of obtaining successful DNA profile on positive samples
  • Free sample storage after test is completed

Highly recommended by DNA Laboratories, Attorneys,
Private Investigators, Forensic Specialists, and private individuals.

Sexual Assault and Infidelity Expert Witness Testimony

Semen Sperm Saliva Infidelity Testing Expert Witness Examination
Semen Sperm Detection Inc. offers consultation and expert witness services pertaining to evidence collection and preparation, DNA analysis, bodily fluid identification, and general forensic science. Semen Sperm Detection Inc.  assists crime labs, attorneys, private investigators and individuals in the field of evidence analysis, as well as expert litigation support in criminal and civil cases.

Testimony is provided by experienced degreed scientists specializing in forensic serology and DNA analysis. We are committed to providing the most professional and accurate expert services at the lowest possible price.

If you require expert consultation or witness services, please contact us at 888-875-7574 or email us at info@semen-detection.com.

Online ordering is also available.

Are you an attorney needing criminal case support, confirmation testing, or serology and DNA documents reviewed? Contact us today!